Thursday, September 24, 2015

And Away I Go...


              Grape Harvest Tile Mural - Pinhāo, Portugal

As I prepare to leave today on my 2 week solo trip to Portugal, I reflect on all that I look forward to. The first week will be spent working along side my parents making wine - something I haven't done since I was a kid growing up in Connecticut.  I expect it to be fun but definitely much harder work - especially because the process of picking and transporting the grapes will be included this time around.  Sadly, I anticipate collapsing in sheer exhaustion long before my parents, further showing me that at the age of 78 they are as ever tough as nails!
Once finished with our wine making duties, my mom and I will be spending 3 days in the beautiful city of Porto. I'm embarrassed to say that in my years of traveling, I have only flown in and out of this city.  We'll be tourists together all the while strengthening our mother/daughter bond.  Dad will most likely be happy about about being "sans women" for a few days so it's a win-win!
My last week will then be playing "tour guide" to my good friend Leigh who decided to join me and finally take some time away from her family to recharge.  We'll be exploring my favorites areas of Minho and Galicia, Spain and creating some great memories together.
So I guess that while my main goals of this trip are to recharge myself, forge closer ties with my loved ones, document stories that I can pass on to my children/grandchildren, and oh yes, come home with fun Portuguese curiosities that I can sell through my business (oops, I almost forgot that this was part business trip ;) ), I really want to try to see things with fresh eyes.  Take in the beauty of things or moments without feeling rushed and needing to move on to the next thing quickly. Basically, to focus on quality, not quantity.
So sit back and enjoy these next few weeks of my blog.  I hope to capture the beauty of a country that forever holds a special place in my heart, convey experiences that you may be able to relate to in your own travels and share with you all a side of me that I don't often express - one of deep love and above all, humor. :)

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  1. Have a wonderful trip!!!
    Enjoy the experiencse, and bring home lots of fantastic memories!!
    travel safe, xoxoxo